Our History

In 2000, Elementis plc joined the former businesses of Rheox (then the innovative market leader in rheological additives with products such as BENTONE®, BENTONE GEL®, THIXCIN®, THIXATROL®, M-P-A®, RHEOLATE®) and Daniel Products into one entity, resulting in the creation of Elementis Specialties.

In 2004, the acquisition of Servo added diverse capabilities and products for surface modification, dispersion and wetting to our portfolio. The acquisition provided Elementis Specialties with a wide range of advanced technologies (ethylene/propylene oxide derivatives, phosphate esters, sulphosuccinates, sulphates, sulphonates) and market leading products such as the NUOSPERSE® dispersing agents.

In 2008, Elementis Specialties expanded in Asia with two acquisitions. Deuchem enhanced the specialty additives portfolio while Yuhong strengthened the organoclay product range and the global manufacturing footprint.

In 2009, Elementis Specialty Products acquires Fancor, one of the largest North American suppliers of natural, bio-functional and active ingredients used in the cosmetics and personal care market.

Our Current Focus

We continue to bring new technologies and products to the markets we serve and to work collaboratively with our customers. This focus allows us to nurture our customer partnerships and to build on our technical expertise and commitment to the ongoing improvement of our industries.

Our goal is to be the fastest growing and most competitive supplier of specialty chemical additives in the world.