Recent Achievements

NUOSPERSE® AQ 100 - A liquid carrier, humectant and pigment wetting and dispersing agent that replaces traditional glycols and dispersing agents in VOC compliant aqueous colorants.

NUOSPERSE® AQ 200 - A unique liquid hydrophobic humectant, typically used in combination with NUOSPERSE® AQ 100. It prevents too quick drying of colorants in production and tinting machines. It also stabilizes the viscosity of tinted paints and has significantly less influence on water resistance properties of paints, compared to most “traditional” colorants.

NUOSPERSE®AQ 300 - A liquid co-dispersant used in combination with NUOSPERSE® AQ 100 and NUOSPERSE® AQ 200. It reduces the pigment grind viscosity and allows an optimized pigment loading. The dispersing agent is typically used for those pigments that require extra wetting.

TINT-AYD® AQ HC - Third generation VOC compliant high concentrated in-plant colorants for aqueous deco as well as aqueous industrial coatings. A resin-free colorant line, RAL UZ102 VOC compliant and based on a dual-humectant technology (free of APE's and poly glycols).

DAPRO® FX 514 - An environmentally friendly coalescing agent prepared from renewable resources that delivers excellent film formation, scrub resistance and improved gloss and open time.

THIXATROL® DW 50 - Universal Polymeric High Temperature / Deep Water Flat Rheology Viscosifier for Oil Based Drilling Fluids.